Monday, May 17, 2010

Rocky's Series: How to Play Mid

Mid Player

There are tons of different ways to play the mid position. In my opinion the mid player is the most versatile player on the field. Some teams use the “mid” player position as a spot between the back player and front player. My definition of mid player is someone that starts off towards the back and ends up where there needed. Versatility is a MUST for a mid player.
As a mid player you need to posses top notch skills in all positions (front, back and mid), lets go over some of the skills you need.

  1. Killer Instinct: You need to be a STRAIGHT killer, sometimes as a mid player you’re going to have to fill a key bunker to get the kills or perform a ninja like run through.
  2. UN selfish: There will be times where you back guy dies and you will have to fill his spot and back up the players in front of you. I see to many back guys wanting to be killers (big no, no), as back guy it is your job to keep everyone if front of you alive!
  3. Communication: As a mid player you need to relay codes back and fourth to all your players. If you have any designated plays then it’s usually the mid player that will set up the play.
  4. Rock Solid: You defiantly want to be VERY solid, this means don’t die stupid. You might have to perform the game breaking move, set up big play or “hold it down” incase you have to pull a game out.
  5. Know the field well: As a mid since you don’t know exactly where you going to end up it’s a good practice to look at all the angles from back to front. This way if you end up in one of those spots you will know all the blind shots and easy kills.
  6. As you can see there is allot involved in being a good mid, if you’re a chess player then you can see where the mid kind of resembles the “queen”.

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