Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rocky's Series: How to Play Snake ADDED INTERVIEW!

What is the number 1 objective for a front player?

There are a few objectives. Sometimes the number 1 objective is to make key spots on the field to cause initial damage for the other team and to create openings soother guys can fill the holes left from the damage you caused. Other times the number 1 objective is to just take key positions on the field and to keep the opposition on you to free up the mid and back players to make moves.

How important is the snake?

The snake is very important. It is the only bunker on the field that you can start on your 40 and end up on the opposition’s 40 in one continuous movement.

What is the objective when playing the snake?

Once in the snake you can cause a lot of damage or you can take the snake and hang out with the objective of making the other team come and get you. Technically you don’t have to shoot a lot of people while in the snake. The other team will eventually send players to come get you and with your mid and back players posted they should be able to take out a lot of people and open up the field. Personally, I like to cause a lot of damage in the snake and not wait for the other team to come and get me.

How do you know when and where to shoot from a blind bunker?

This is all pre-game and walking the field before the game even starts. This is the most important and where you win or lose the game. You need to know your blind shots by marking every connecting corner in the snake. For example, at the first intersection I pop up and shoot at the taco and the next intersection I pop up and shoot at the Aztec.

How do you avoid getting bunkered while in the snake?

If you take the snake as your initial bunker avoiding getting bunkered is in the hands of your mid and back players. It is their jobs to free you up. If the snake is your secondary bunker the mid and front player line should have already been taken out, so you should have freedom to do some damage unless they send a back player up to get you.

How do you know when to move into the snake?

This is determined all in the pre-game. You can either take it off the break or as a secondary bunker. If this isn’t part of the strategy, and you wing it to set up a play or fill a void. If you take this approach, make sure you have made up a code for the team to know you are making the move.

What are the features of a good snake set up versus a bad snake set up?

Good features of a snake set up are when they are parallel with the field. This is when you can take advantage of moving from your 40 to the opposition’s 40 all in one continuous movement. A bad snake set up is when it is perpendicular to the length of the field and crossing the field. This snake set up isn’t as user friendly.

What is your current gear set up?

I currently shoot my own gun, the Rocky Edition of the Angel IR3. The E Rob R11 bolt and the Chris Lasoya trigger come standard on my gun. I play with a 14” JT USA aluminum two-piece barrel. I’m an aluminum person when it comes to barrels because it cuts down on the weight and shoots just as good as a steel or titanium barrel. Also, I like the two-piece barrel because I can switch the back out and keep the same front. My air set-up is the Angel Air 45 ci and 4500 psi tank, and my hopper is the 12 volt Revolution. My maximum balls per second (bps)count is currently 13, but I am experimenting with a cut down eVLution II, which sits lower and easily pumps out 14 bps.

If you could play a one-on-one with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

I would love to play one-on-one with Alex Fraige or Ryan Greenspan from Dynasty. They would probably mow me, but I would learn a lot from their quickness, as they are the best one-one-one and two-on-two players out there.

From one of the best front players out there straight to you, Cagnoni shares his inside tips on how to better your performance in the front and in the snake. Most importantly, devise your strategy in the pre-game while walking the fields, know where your blind shots will be and take them. Ultimately, if the snake is played correctly, you will be able to create damage for the opposition and take the field.


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