Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rocky's Series: How to Play Back

Back Player

A back player is the “backbone” of your team. The back player needs to have great communication skills and understands their role as a support player. Also as a back player you need to have the abilities to finish the game as needed. The back player is the last line of defensive if your team is losing.
Below are some skills you need to posses to be a great back player:

  1. Great Gun skills: Back players have to be able to time of shots. Being in back the shots are far away so timing in crucial on timing your opponent.
  2. Laneing: Laneing of the break is very important, if you can drop a player or 2 off the break it’s a big advantage to your team.
  3. Gun Speed: Be able to roll your gun and shoot fast is very important. This will enable you to hold opponents heads down and your front and mid guys can make the moves.
  4. Communication: Relaying codes back and fourth. Also joy sticking your front and mid guys to make the moves.
  5. Finishing skills: Sometimes the back guys are the only ones left to finish the game. Being mobile and having the “vision” to finish games is essential.
  6. Defensive skills: If you team is losing the back players should be still alive to try and chop up the opposing team.
  7. Team Player: Back guys need to “Know there role”. They need not to worry about being the biggest killer but need to understand there support role. Let there fronts and mids doing the killing and if needed they will be there to clean up.

As a back guy think or yourself as a linemen. As a linemen you block so your quarterback, running backs and receivers can make something happen. I see to many back guys trying to be killers and they would be far more effective as a support player.

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