Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dye i4 Thermal

Get the lightest, smallest, lowest profile mask now!

Price: $99.95
Manufacturer: Dye


- Rapid Lens Change System: Allows you to change your lens in under 10 seconds. The design of two tabs allows you to clean or replace your lenses easily. Simply push down on the tab arm and slide them forward and take off your lens. No seperate parts to take off

- 290 Degree of horizontal and peripheral vision: Allows you to see all the field details without much head movement. Includes optically correct tirodial impact lens providing optical clarity and sharpness while protecting your eyes.

- Soft Low Profile Mask: The i4 provides you comfort and lightweight protection with its one piece, dual injected mask. The compact, lightweight mask allows you to almost forget you're wearing a mask.

- Lightweight Ear Protection: The low profile soft compression ear pads gives you protection and hearing clarity. The i4 ears are backed with Cool Max liner that wipes away sweat while providing comfort and keeping your ears cool.

- Retention Strap: THe i4 strap needs to be adjusted once and only once. The lock feature is made by the woven rubber that is in the strap material itself.

- Extreme multi-directional venting: This design will reduce re-ventilating fogging and will project your voice for effortless communication between your teammates.

Dye i4 Paintball Goggles

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