Thursday, November 20, 2008

Limited Edition RockStar Ego/GEO 09

Get your Planet Eclipse 09 Ego Rockstar Limited Edition and 09 GEO now!

Price: $1450.00
Manufacturer: Planet Eclipse

Limited Edition Rockstar (Both Ego and GEO)

Poppet Valve Design
Off-Set Lower Bored - Redeuces off-axis forces
Low Pressure Operation - 160psi @ 290fps
Efficient- 1700+ shots from 68/4500 air tank
High Performance Solenoid Valve
Direct Porting System for Solenoid Inlet and Exhaust Pathways
2.5 x Larger Air Flow from LPR to Solenoid
Zick Rammer
30% Increase in Valve Chamber Volume
Cure2 Bolt
Integrated LPR Assembly

Geo 09

Spool Valve Design
Low Reciprocating Mass: Bolt 18g
Low Pressure Operation: 110-135psi
Efficiency: 1500+ shots from 68/4500 air tank
Moving Internal Part: 1
Minimum Number of Dynamic Seals: 3
Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System Mechanism (ISCIS)
Variable Volume Chamber adjustment (VVC)
Spool-Cure Bolt: Eliminates 2nd ball clipping in the feed stack
6- second Strip Down: Remove and separate all internal Bolt components
Tool-Less Bolt Removal: Remove internal bolt with no tools!
Weight: 1 lbs 14ounces(860g)


Break Beam Sensor System (BBS)
Black-On-White Transflective LCD Module
Def-Tek Offest Feed
C-Lever Clamping Feedneck
Selectable Trigger Switching: Opto and Micro Switches
Dual Trigger: Spring and Magnetic Return
Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
Capped/Uncapped Ramp Modes
Major Tournament Presets
9 Preset Debounce Modes
5-Point Adjustable Trigger
T-Rail Mounting System
On/Off/Purge ASA System (OOPS)
S3 Self-Purging In-Line Regulator
14" Shaft3 2-Piece(.693 Barrel)

RockStar Energy Drink
Planet Eclipse

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