Monday, November 17, 2008

Dye Pro i3 and C8 Jersey Combo

Get your Dye Pro i3 goggles and get a Dye C8 Jersey for $25! Save up to $40 now, get them while supplies last!

Price for this deal: $124.95
Price of mask: $89.95
Price of jersey: $49.95
Manufacturer: Dye

Dye Pro i3

High Definition Lens: Scratch resistant, UV protective coating, high contrast tint, ultimate horizontal peripheral vision and optical clarity
Soft Flex Technology: Mask flexibility and venting systme
Retention Strap System: Only needs to be adjusted once only. Woven rubber in strap
Ear Protection*: Foam molded earpiece that is extremely flexible and light weight,
Visor: Easily removable, protects forehead and shade for your eyes
Goggle Frame: Made with tear-resistant polyurethane with flow-through-ventilation
Multidirectional venting: Less fogging assist you with voice projection over field,
Chin Strap: Adjustable chin strap to secure your goggles during play

* Cuts down overall profile
Tested twice at ASTM impact standards for paintball safety.
PbReview on mask

Dye C8 Jersey

- Thumb slot with hand padding
- Padding on shoulders
- DyeTack
- Multi-mesk venting
- V-neck collar

PbReview on jersey

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