Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rocky's Series: How to Play Snake

How do I get there?
Can I take the snake off the break?
If the snake is make able on the break then you need to find the best running lanes. Try to block the possible laners with bunkers to find the highest % route to the snake. What I mean by highest percentage is if the snake is really easy to lane then you might have a 50% chance in making it. Also make sure you slide before you get into the snake that will make it harder for the laner to shoot you. Walk your running multiple times so you can instinctively make the run. Be sure you know where the out of bounds so you don’t over slide.
If the percentage is to low to make, can I fill the snake easily? If you can’t make the snake on the break then you need to find a way to bump to the snake. You need to work with your back and mid guys so they can coordinate you into the bunker. Remember it’s YOUR responsibility to work with your teammates in order to make the move.

What do I do once I get there?
First thing is find the safest part of the snake to live in. You want to make sure none of the back guys can drop balls down on you. If possible try to live in a part of the snake where your back or mid guy can protect you from getting bunkered.
Find all your pop up shots to shoot guys cross field and in the middle. You can this by getting down into the snake and using “markers” that you can see while you’re in the snake. Use trees, netting poles and banners to setup your marker spots. This useful in getting up and down quick to get one ball off.
If the snake is hot, then get him out of there!! I can’t stress this enough, what I teach my guys is if someone is in your HOUSE (i.e. snake) he shouldn’t be there so you need to go get him! Off course if the snake is 100 ft long then this probably doesn’t apply. If the snake has lots of kill shots then you want to make sure and punish the guy that’s in your house. Work with you back and mid guys to make sure they help you out.
If the other team (multiple players) is shooting at you, then go to sleep. This will take the guns off of your other players and enable them to try and make something happen. Don’t get crazy and get shot stupid. That’s the worst! If you get board post on there back guy that’s at the end of the field and try to catch him slipping.

  • Mark all your easy kill shots with “markers”.
  • Find the best running lane to the snake.
  • Coordinate with you other teammates to make the move or protect you.
  • Don’t let anyone live in YOUR HOUSE.
  • Crawl low.

  • Get shot stupid overly gun fight, if you don’t get them in the first or second shot look for some one else.
  • Have your butt crack hanging out when you crawl down the show tape.
  • Come over the top in the same spot.
  • Let another player live in YOUR HOUSE

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