Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Choose a Paintball Mask


"What type of mask should I get.." and other similar questions are one of the most commonly asked questions. Period.

So what type of mask should you get? Like everything else paintball, it's all personal preference. Paintball IS personal preference.


The Golden 1. Always, ALWAYS try on the mask you are interested in before buying. It's the top answer to questions like this and the most educated one as well. How are you going to play well if you can't see or feel well? Whether going to your local store or trying on a friend's mask that you like.

Always, ALWAYS try on the mask you are interested in before buying. Period.

2. Read up reviews. Most people have in their mind what they want, select a couple 1-4 that you like or however many you want. Then, search up reviews and read about them. The mask's ups and downs, prices, and features. Eliminate the bad reviewed ones, but still keep them in the back of your mind.

Then, after you have narrowed it down to 1-2, or a couple. Go try them on somewhere. If they all don't feel good, or not to your liking, try the others that you eliminated with the reviews. If still not, go back home and look up more masks

Review sites:

And even sites like this! Just leave a comment or email me and I will write up a post about them.

Features to look for in well-designed masks.
  • Thermal Lenses
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Soft, flexible masks. (Soft ears, Flex's)
  • Dual Lenses
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Must feel comfortable to YOU
These are the most important tips when choosing YOUR paintball mask. So get out there and try some masks now!

Well- Reviewed Masks
  • Dye i4- $100
  • JT Flex- Ranged $50-100. VERY CUSTOMIZABLE
  • Empire Events- $100
  • VForce Profilers- $60
  • SLY Profit- $90
  • VForce Grillz- $70
  • Proto Axis- $80
And much much more..
Remember: No review can beat the feel of the mask on YOUR face!

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game paintball said...

I agree with your ideas. important is the mask that is used should make you look good and strong, because its function is to protect. but for me the price should still be considered.