Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spyder 09 Electra

Spyder Electra. Spyder's newest gun. $199. Free gun bag. 25bps. Board made by Tadao. What more?

Price: $199.95

The gun comes standard with an optical eye that will helps reduce ball breakage . The Electra is setup with some tournament level settings. The 09 Electra also has a lot of upgradable options that come standard, such as a clamping feedneck, 2 piece barrel, built in rail, on/off, delrin bolt and a sling blade trigger to let you shoot ropes.

The new Spyder Electra 09 with Eye delivers top notch performance and tournament level.

This gun is much smaller and lighter then previous guns- 25% lighter and 15% shorter! Kingman's "Dual Air Source Synergy Engineering" delivers lower pressure operation (300psi) and works with both CO2 and High Pressure Air. The new "Fast charge" regulator-makes the Electra W/Eye quiet and has less kick then past Spyder's.

Tadao designed "LEAP" circuit board allows you to use a standard premium 9v battery- or the Spyder 9.6v rechargeable battery and charger. Semi Auto mode is combined with ramping modes.

All metal construction means it's durable, and the Delrin quick release bolt gives you ease of use. A slimmer frame with textured grip panels makes it easy to hold.


- New Spyder "Leap" circuit board designed by Tadao with rear facing Color Access Mode Display
- 25% lighter and 15% shorter than most Spyders
- "Synergy Enginnering" Low pressure dual air source system- 300 PSI operating system
- Operates on standard 9V battery- Includes charging system for 9.6V Rechargeable Battery (Battery and- Charger not included)
- Recessed dual texture grip panels on a full metal trigger frame
- Operates on Co2 or HPA- Includes fast charge Inline regulator and vented pressure relief CA Adapter
- Anti Chop Break Beam Eye System
- 3 Way Adjustable Magnetic "Saber" trigger
- Delrin quick release bolt


Semi Auto
Ramping PSP
Ramping Millenium
(I guess you know why the gun shoots so fast now...=] )

Click here to see the Spyder Electra!

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