Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to Make Your Own Reballs

Viewloader engineered the VLocity specifically for reballs

Seen Reballs before?

Cheapest I've seen are $119.95 for a case of 500 Reballs....who seriously wants to spend $120 for a case of reballs....

In this article I will so you how to make your own reballs that are equally or maybe even better than Reballs.

So now with ONLY $5 and a little bit of practice and perfection you can make reballs yourself.


- Crayola Model Magic (One pack will do fine. I bought mine from Michael's, but you can get yours from any art supply store or Target, Staples, Office Depot....)

- Any paintball barrel you have.
: If you want your reballs for a .693 barrel, try to use a .693 barrel for this project.


- So firstly clean up your workspace so dirt things don't stick onto your reballs.

- Then take a small amount of model magic Take the model magic and start rolling it between your palms is a circular motion.

- After about 50 rolls you should get a pretty round ball.
: You can always press down on a angle to make it fit.

- Then take your 'ball' and your barrel. Put the ball on the end of the barrel. See if the ball will fit. If not take it out, take some model magic off (or add) and make it so it will fit.
Important Tip: Regular paintballs should not slide out of a barrel fast when you blow it. On the other hand, it shouldn't take your entire breath away trying to get it through. The paintballs shouldn't be stuck and shouldn't fall out too fast. This rule also applies to reballs.

- So you just keep trying until it fits. Another way is to blow the reball out of the barrel (Read Important Tip above) and see if the 'ball' slides out too fast or not.
Caution: This gets the reball a tiny bit deformed so you need to squish it a little bit. Also it tends to get a little sticky after getting your breath all over it. But after a night of drying it should be fine.

IMPORTANT CAUTION: After reading and hearing people say things abut these reballs. They may not work will Halos as the eyes won't fit it out properly. But I heard it works perfectly fine with Vlocity's.

Please don't hold me accountable for anything that happens.

Click here to learn about the 'blow-test'

If you would like to see videos of making these reballs please Click Here!


JT Paintball said...

We engineered the VLocity specifically for reballs, we use them for internal testing purposes.

PB4LVince said...

Thanks for the input! I'll add include this into the article

Anonymous said...

wow, thnx man they actually work very good! thnx alot man!!! lots of money saved