Thursday, November 27, 2008

Empire Prophecy- New hopper

The Prophecy is a well designed that can be broken down with no tools.
Option of a nose cone for these ball capacities: 200,248, and 280


Price: $149.95
Manufacturer: Empire


- Easy interchangeable front body
- Standar 240 ball capacity
- 200/280 capacity bodies available (seperate sold)
- 4 AA Batteries
- Quick battery change
- One piece feedneck
- Magnet lid - Friction and Quick Lid option available
- Quick back plate change
- Toggle on/off
- LED Indicator Lights
- One Piece Mono Couple Design
- Increased strength for high stress parts
- Advanced Preload drive carrier
- Magnet forced loading
- Empire freeway Anti-Jam
- Reverse Ramp to live up balls out of the drive, prevent broken paint
- Low friction delerin ball carrier, clutch housing and drive extension
- Fully ball raced drive carrier and extension
- Consistent feeding- Uses a high torque motor
- Sound activation or R/F
- 6 sensitivity and motor speed settings.
- Motor sensing with anti-pop corning sensor
- New Rip-Drive- better bi-direction use

Empire Prophecy Loader World Premier

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