Sunday, November 30, 2008

DLX Luxe

Smart Parts newly manufactured high end paintball gun

Price: $1500

Manufacturer: Smart Parts and DLX Technology

- Audible voice is used to denote marker status, adjustment mode, etc
- Toolless field strip for firing assembly and eye/detent covers.
- Optional grip-routed air supply through the frame (LE only) using the special Luxe foregrip regulator, no macroline.
- Compatible with a standard vertical regulator and screw-in ASA combo if needed (uses macroline).
- Beam-break antichop eyes.
- Integrated piston detents.
- Cam-lock feedneck.
- Five available languages (English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish).
- Multiple adjustment settings, and a variety of base firing modes (semi, PSP, NXL, fullyauto, etcetc).
- Rechargeable Lithium-polymer power source Approximately 25,000 shots per full charge.
- Battery charger and one spare battery included.
- Smart Parts barrel thread (fits Ion/XE/SP1/SP8/Vibe, Nerve, Shocker NXT, Impulse).
- Freak barrel included.
- Fully adjustable trigger (post travel, pre travel, firing point, retention weight)
- Indirect-acting solenoid (Parker model, low power use, easy serviceability).
- Carrying case and spares kit included


-1.7lbs (27.3ounces)

Multiple adjustment settings and Variety of base firing modes

- Semi
- Full-Auto
- Etc

DLX Official Website
Luxe Manual

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