Monday, October 4, 2010

I'M BACK! | Empire Traccer | Paintball Lightning Accident | G6R

Firstly, I'm back.
  • Nothing much happening in the paintball industry, sales here and there, nothing very important to be stated . Once I find more time I will notify all my readers of sales whereabouts and etc if you don't know of them already.
  • I'm back. Gotta manage spam comments, post new posts. SO THROW IDEAS AT ME. If you want me to write about something, changes to site, etc. Email me or write in the post box.
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Empire Traccer

AMAZING JOB with the new designed Traccer. Personally loved the old one, can't wait to test one of these hotties.
  • Picatinny Rails (Time to accessorize!)
  • Cocker Thread 14" Barrel
  • Auto-Trigger
  • Rail Mounted Clamping Feed Elbow
  • Bottom Line Screws
  • Optional stock class / horizontal spring feed
HD Photos and Info of Traccer:

Paintball Lightning Accident

July 11--A lightning strike left a paintball player critically injured Saturday afternoon after a bolt hit a hilltop where six people were gathered, firefighters said. Firefighters with the Ellicott Fire Department said the man, in his 20s, was hit at about 1:40 p.m. as he played at Dragon Man's Paintball Park off Highway 94 near Schriever Air Force Base. He was standing with five others atop a hill when the bolt hit. Amazingly, only one person was injured, firefighters said.

Paintball players including several soldiers rushed to help the man, administering CPR.

"They did what soldiers do," said firefighter John Scorsine. "They serve people who are down." The man was flown by helicopter to a Denver hospital. His condition wasn't available Saturday evening. A worker who answered the phone at the paintball venue, said the man was breathing when he was loaded aboard the helicopter. The woman would not give her name.

Bob Long G6R

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