Friday, March 19, 2010

Vanguard Demo- March 28th

Come to the Aftermath Arena on March 28th to test and play with the Creed!

We will be holding A Full Vanguard Creed Demo to anyone who wants to try out a Vanguard Creed. Come shoot a one of our markers in a real game or shooting Range. We will be holding this for Sunday the 28th only, along with having a Vanguard Tent For any information about the markers along with some free Hand outs. We will Have a Master Vanguard Tech out at the Practice event so if you want to learn more about this marker or have questions about Vanguard, come by the Tent and Look around and shake some hands and Meet some of the Vanguard Family.

I personally own a Vanguard Creed and love it. I've shot DM's and Ego's and everything in between. This gun is a beast and I will be keeping it for a long time. I really encourage you guys to get out there and shoot one if you are in the arena, or willing for a small drive ;)

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