Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RTR Gargoyle; High End Pump

The Gargoyle by Remember The Ronin
Features of the Gargoyle:
  • Autococker threaded body.
  • Comes with a Phantom barrel with adapter. (Cocker to Phantom)
  • Both Phantom and Autococker barrel adaptability
  • Dual rods. One connected to the Bolt and one as a guide rod.
  • Two part Valve body allowing quick and easy valve spring removal.
  • ASA threaded Removable Valve Cap
  • Smooth Sliding Trigger.
  • Removable Feed Block for easy removal of the Bolt, Main Spring, and Hammer.
  • Feed Tube feed gate milled to allow O-Ring or rubber band for ball retention.
  • Custom Milling.

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