Monday, November 9, 2009

Pinokio Review

$124.95 Now On sale at ANSGear

I personally use a Rotor. Previous hopper before was VLocity. So this is my review from many sites, friends, and players on the field.

The Pinokio is a great hopper for woods or speedball, front or back, spray or snipe.

  • 2 For One. Doesn't everyone love that? You get one 230round hopper as well as a 400round attachment
  • Light
  • 30+ BPS. Can compete with most newer hoppers
  • Uber consistent
  • Low feedneck with extra space
  • Button Operation
  • Efficient on batteriees
Sorry guys, I use a Rotor. Must use a Rotor. Love the Rotor. But I have used the Pinokio before and it's really great. Personally for easy break down and looks Rotor > Pinokio

Rotor: $150
Pinokio: $150

Pick one up $100 (or lower) like new from PbNation
or $150 Brand New from your local shop or favorite online paintball store

Pinokio Hoppers

New project, the Pinokio A5


And the beautiful combo!

$429 + Shipping/Handling

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