Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Super Gearbag Post

Here's a tip:

A good paintball gearbag should keep all your paintball stuff together in one place

After reviewing, testing, and seeing many MANY gearbags. We've narrowed it down to our top 3.

Dye Navigators
Planet Eclipse Pin Stripe
Planet Eclipse Lowland
Paintball Body Bag

Let's talk price first. This is one of the HUGE factors that can determine which gearbag is the best for you.

Dye Navigator 2008: $199.95
Planet Eclipse Pin Stripe 2008: $144
Planet Eclipse Lowland 2009: $165
Paintball Body Bag: $84

The highest priced gearbag at Dye Navigator 2008 for $199.95. The lowest priced gearbag at Paintball Body Bag for $84


Benefits and Features

Photo from Lord Odin

Dye Navigator 2008

A popular and HUGE gearbag used by many players including Team Impact
The BIG thing about this gearbag is the two gearbag function. This gearbag is actually TWO-IN-ONE. The clips clip together to form one huge bag. If you detach it you'll get two bag.

This gearbag is an EXTREME plus for national and international players. If you play tourneys and travel on airplanes or cars. This gearbag may be the one for you. If you exceed the luggage weight... UNCLIP IT and send it as TWO LUGGAGE. This can save you lots of $$$

The top 'second' gearbag has padding on the bottom. Wait...why is there padding there?
NO! They're hidden backpack straps. You can now have a pull luggage and a backpack!

Inside there are waterproof pouches for toiletries and shoes. There are small vent holes for your wet cleats to dry.

There are multiple compartments and sections. Padding for guns, tanks, and goggles.

  • Hold up to 8 barrels in specific elastic rings
  • Netted pockets
  • Magnetic pad for screws and springs
  • Fully padded compartments for masks and such
  • Work compartment, that makes a table when unzipped
  • No stowaway pulling handle.
Benefits and Features

Planet Eclipse Pin Stripe 2008

Wheels are supposedly more outdoorsy type than the Dye Navigators.

  • Base slide rail protection
  • Zip pockets
  • Clear document holder
  • EVA formed protective lids
  • Anti-crush pockets
  • Disposable and replaceable foam insert

Benefits and Features

Paintball Body Bag


Huge bag with many MANY compartments and zippers. Recommended for the paintballer that brings 8 guns, 5 tanks, 6 hoppers, and pounds and pounds of other stuff.
  • Waterproof, cold weather proof. [No freezing]
  • Straps are reinforced
  • Zippers are big, good for when wearing gloves
  • 5 metal 'feet' on bottom for protection and durability
  • Lock feature. LOCK INCLUDED
  • Removable metal hooks and shoulder straps
  • Roller wheels and adjustable handle
  • Toe tag included
  • 10 Compartments
  • 2 Gun Trays
  • 6 Modules
  • 2 Industrial Foam Gun Protectors
  • 2 HUGE End Pockets
  • Insider of bag can hold 2 Large Gun Trays and 4 Square Modules

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