Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to Hold Your Marker Properly


Look at the green arrow. Notice how eyes are perfectly aligned with the barrel and where the balls are coming out. This makes it so that when the gun shoots, you have a great idea which direction the balls are headed. DON'T touch the gun to your mask trying to snipe, just align the back of your gun with the center of your vision.

Look at where the tank is positioned on the shoulder. It's not on top the shoulder, it's not in the armpit. Its right in the collar bone towards the outside of my shoulder but not far enough where I couldn't rest my chin on my tank if wanted to.

Both elbows, mainly the outside one are tucked in.

Head is not angled downwards, it is level so that I can see the field and optimize my side vision of the field.

Firm hold on the marker and am not blocking the view with forward hand.

Shooting out of the right side of the bunker with right hand. When shooting left, shoot with left hand.

Here are some examples of what not to do...

Do NOT have your inside arm over a 45 degree angle.

Do NOT put your tank on your hip and shoot from there.

Do NOT put your tank on top of your shoulder.

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