Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Empire Prophecy LTD Board

Eye Sound or RF mode.
Easy to program LED setup
Forward and reverse buttons and improved anti jam technology.
USB port and software to program and upgrade right on your computer screen.
Price: ??

Motor reverse button. Eye mode now to go along with sound and RF. LED to tell you what mode you are in. LED to show the setting you are in and strength meter up the right side to make it easy to see your settings. USB plug and software, now if Hater or Empire comes up with new firmware you can just plug in and BOOM, updated. You can also progam you setting right on your computer and load different profiles. The board also had a reset button right on it. So you you get your setting all jacked up and thing just are not right, push the button and your are back to default. It also has a self diagnostics, so if something does go wrong you can run that and tell you what is not working properly.

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