Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tippmann 98C

Tippmann Paintball Guns. Heard very often of at the fields
Perfect beginner guns. Strong enough to handle a hammer. Customizable. What more?

Tippmann's are the most common guns for beginners. The most common Tippmann is the 98C.


All you need is
Barrel [Accuracy]
Double Trigger [Preference]
Loader [For the faster shooters]
Air or Co2

Yupp. That's all the you need. You can spend the rest of your life upgrading a Tippmann, and everything would be a waste. It's the best thing for beginners, but there are other guns out there.


The 98C was my first gun for three years. Period
You can hammer that thing [literally] for three years like me. It's now sold and it's shooting perfectly.

Durability- Upgrading from the 98 to a electro was like a elementary school kid learning rocket science. I didn't even oil it for the first year, till my [now] teammate told me to.... All you need to do is oil over the bolt and the oring on the backcap, throw some oil in the hole in your ASA, fire it up a couple times and you're good for a year. [Although I wouldn't recommend it]

Popularity- Anyone can help you, most fields have these as rentals. There is ALWAYS a fix for this gun. Without even spending much money as for electros.

Co2- Takes Co2 and Air. Most beginners either don't have the money, or are not into the sport yet, to throw in $150+ for a carbon fiber air tank. The 98 will shoot fine with Co2, use a remote line and it's still great.

Design- The 98 internals are in between two metal halves of the body. You can see everything in front of you and is easily accessible. It may take some time getting used to, but once you get used to it, it's take less than 5min to maintain your gun after everyday of play.

Upgrades- There are now many website to help you with your gun. The upgrades are fairly cheap and some are worth it, and as usual, some are not. So read reviews, ask questions, and try it out first.

Comment/Email if you need help.


Customer Service [CS]- It's not that great now...

Popularity- You just got your first paintball gun. Walking proud, showing it off.. Oh wait... What are those 94561235456 people doing with the same gun? Yupp, rentals...

I once went to the field with my Tippmann. And went to fill up air, the guy
there ask me "Is that one of our rentals?" Seeing [as above] all I did was
put a double trigger, hopper, and barrel on it.

Design- The little pins and everything get pretty annoying in the beginning. So watch out for those, if they lose their place, put them back in the holes. I recommend bringing it to your local shop and have them take it apart for you once or twice, and watch them.

The 98 is a bit longer compared to electros now. But for the price, and since it's a beginner gun, it's worth it.


Well there you have it, the review and thoughts of the Tippmann paintball gun(s) 98C.
Buy it, shoot it, sell it, upgrade.


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