Saturday, August 1, 2009

Keep Ballin in the Summer Sun

We were at practice last week when my teammate stopped us at 2PM and had to leave. We all decided to leave, and he felt like he was drunk. It's pretty scary...

Don't let that happen to you. So here are some tips

1. Clothing
We all know paintballers wear TONS of clothing. Padded pants, padded jerseys, elbow pads, knee pads, shoes, underclothing, mehh..

So watch out for the heat. If it gets too hot, don't be afraid to just take off your jersey and play with a undershirt and elbow pads along with your pants and such.

2. Rehydrate REHYDRATE
This is the most important tip of ALL. Playing paintball you will use tons of energy and SWEAT. So make sure you bring lots and lots of water, Gatorade. NO SODA

Sometimes you go "I have to go use the the bathroom" and you play one round and everything just sweats out. No joke

3. Bring a Cooler
Coolers are helpful in many ways

► Store paintballs
► Store equipment. Most importantly, your air tank
► Store drinks

Bring at least two coolers with you. One for drinks and such, and one for paintball

4. Protect your paintballs and air tanks
You don't want to chop on the field and find out all your paintballs are melted...
If it's not to hot, the trunk will do. But over 90°F you store them in a cooler. In the cooler you can store your air tank as well.

5. Mask and Head wear
This is what you want to look for
► No fog or anti-fog
► Comfortable for you
► Dual lenses
► Good foam quality

Head wear
► Personal opinion: Two types of head wear

► Absorb sweat
► Mesh on the inside
► Comfortable

► Mesh hanging down your neck
► Comfortable
► It's a headband with a layer of mesh hanging down to take bounces

6. Sun

Keep an eye out on the sun. Keep in the shade when you are resting or getting ready. Usually there is a canopy with tables, like a picnic area for you at paintball fields.

Drink water before and after games

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