Thursday, August 13, 2009

Choosing a Paintball Marker

There are various steps on choosing the most preeminent paintball markers. You just have to know what you are doing and buying before you start anything.

Some recommended things to do before you go about buying your gun

Go to your local field, spot your gun, ask to try it out
Go to your local shop and try it out. Feel it, etc
Read reviews on site such as InfoPaintball, PbReview, and PbNation
Don't be afraid to ask questions

First thing you want to do is to determine your budget. Determing your budget will help you eliminate the guns you can't afford, or will not be worth your money. Also be aware of the fact that some paint-guns, such as semi-auto and auto-cockers, discharge more balls and use more CO2 than others. This can also affect the cost of your game.

Determine your play. Are you going to play monthly? Weekly? Or just a couple times a year?This will help decide your budget too.

Determine your level. Are you going to play for fun? For tournaments? Woodsballs? Speedballs?This will help you decide your budget as well.


After you have narrowed it down, try our the gun. Choose the size and type of paintball loader you want. See the 'determining' paragraph above. Decide the length of barrel you want for your gun. A rifled barrel costs more, but also tends to be more accurate.

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