Saturday, August 22, 2009

Angel Paintball Gun Running on HP?

HP: A High Pressure tank, usually running off of 800 psi give or take
LP: A Low Pressure tank, usually running off of 400 psi give or take

Here is a list of HP guns
  • LED
  • LCD
  • IR3

Here is a list of LP guns
  • 03/04 SPEED
  • A4
  • A4 FLY
  • 05 SPEED
  • G7
  • G7 FLY
  • 06 SPEED

HP guns run on HP tanks, and LP guns run on LP tanks. Simple enough?
Running a HP tank on a LP gun can mess up/break orings, shims, the poppit, and almost everything inside. The internals of a LP gun are fragile compared to HP guns, hence running a HP tank will blow up the internals.

The guns listed as HP above, obviously can use HP. Although, the consistancy will NOT be as great as if you run those listed guns: [03/04 Speed, A4, A4 Fly, 05 Speed, G7, G7 Fly, 06 Speed, Angel One] on HP. So to be safe, just go get a LP kit or tank if you get an Angel.

The 05 Speed and all the guns above the 05 Speed (G7,G7 Fly,06 Speed, Angel One) have a different reg and should be able to run HP on them. Some of the 05 Speed regs can't handle HP and some can. Go out and test your gun and see if you can get your velocity under 300 FPS so you do not have to do the following--

If you have a LP gun and have a HP tank you can do several things... One of which is get a CP reg or any reg that can accept a HP tank; you can also change the minireg to accept HP (I will give a detail example of how to at the bottom of this post)

If you have a HP tank you can modify the mini reg to lower the spring stack pressure so you may adjust the gun below 300 fps.
  1. Remove all pressure to the gun.
  2. Remove the mini reg from the gun by unscrewing it counter clockwise
  3. Look into the top of the mini reg and locate the circle 'c clip'
  4. With a circlip pliers remove the circlip
  5. Carefuly turn the mini reg over and tap it on a padded surface
  6. You will note that there are cuped washers stacked on top of each other they look like this: )()()(
  7. Remove 1 of the cuped washers (springs) from the mini reg stack
  8. Reassemble in reverse order and re chrony
The best way, would just to buy a LP kit and change your HP to a LP. Or if you know you're already getting a LP gun, just start off with a LP tank.

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