Monday, November 10, 2008

Dye Rotor

This new Dye hopper feeds at an impressive rate of 50+ balls per second. The Rotor holds up to 20% more than most hopper, and is also the lightest 200 round hopper avaliable.

Price: $149.95
All colors are not IN-STOCK.


-Patented Rotor technology
-Cross Rotor action feed system
-Eye-less, pulse-less, and sound sensor-less


-See through window- Provides you the ability to monitor your paint level
-Positive push power button - Single push Power On/Off button with LED display
-Jam release trigger- In the rare event of a ball jam simply give the jam release trigger a pull and you are back in action
-Shot count- The Rotor provides an impressive 50,000+ ball shot count on one set of three AA batteries
-Spring loaded floor tray- The Patent Pending revolutionary collapsing floor tray allows for maximum ball capacity
-No tools needed- Can be effortlessly broken down for cleaning or maintenance with the push of a button.

(Allows hopper to feed every last ball unlike the Halo which cannot.)

Video of the Dye Rotor:

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