Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dye DM9

Dye has released the new DYE DM9 paintball gun from Dye Precision. This gun is faster, lighter, smaller and more efficient than the other prior guns.

Price: $1349.95


- Hyper3 Regulator
- No eye plates, internal eye sensors
- Ultralite Frame with Sticky3 grips
- Two-Piece 14" Dye UltraLite Barrel
- New smaller body
- Low operating pressure (Reduced Kick) (More efficient)
- Improved one-piece Fuse Bolt
- Flexible detents
- PSP, NPPL, Millennium, and NXL legal modes
- New millings
- Clamping Feedneck
- On/Off ASA
- Weighs in at 1lb- 15oz (1.15lbs)
- And comes in six new colors

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